What you don’t confess, you can’t address


There’s something about the way we present ourselves - and our voice - that we consciously or unconsciously strive to be known for.


3 Important questions to ask ourselves when communicating: 

  1. What is the message I’m sending?
  2. What is the intention behind what I’m saying?
    For example: are you uplifting, encouraging or helping by what you're going to voice... if not, is it really needed to be said or simply an emotion you're feeling?
  3. Am I speaking from a place of emotion? (e.g. fear, anger, pain, etc) 
    Never reply when you are angry. Never make a promise when you’re happy. Never make a decision when you are sad. - unknown


It’s important to question the place (your heart) behind why and what you do and say. There’s so much "noise" that is often going on within us because of the hurt, fear, anger and pain within.

When we begin to focus on the underlying issues and become more self-aware, then we can begin the journey of healing in those areas. That is when real change can occur and you can speak from a place of peace, truth and love where things can and will change within you and around you.

...things can and will change within you and around you