The story about a girl named Brittni


I was around 20-years-old when my grandfather passed, and that was the time I prayed one of the most significant prayers of my early adulthood life. I earnestly asked God to continue showing me His miracles, signs and wonders… like the ones shared in the bible when Jesus walked on the face of the earth.

I wanted to continue seeing more of what I witnessed and heard about through my grandfather’s ministry. 

Years later, God has continuously fulfilled the desire of my heart. 

And one of the most powerful miracles I’ve ever witnessed firsthand, is the story of one young woman… 


Brittni and I met over 6 years ago. We attended a church class together and somehow ended up sitting next to each other during a lunch break. She had asked me how I met my husband, Nate, and I recounted the story of God’s faithfulness. I’ll never forget the look of excitement and hope in her eyes. She was inquisitive and wanted to hear more about the miracles Jesus had done in my life.

There was something about this girl I couldn’t quite pinpoint. I knew there had to be more to her story…

We exchanged contact information and remained in touch. Then one day, she had invited me over to her place to talk. I could tell she was nervous about what she wanted to share with me. I didn’t know the media was tracking her down and she wanted to make sure she was the one to tell me the story about her past …

Brittni was a sought after #1 porn star. She filmed over 200+ scenes in the few years of working in the adult industry. Her stage name and face was recognizable. She was flown all over the world to film and would easily walk away with a $15,000+ paycheck after ONE day’s worth of work. She won industry awards and traveled globally for filming, media appearances and signings at national conventions.

However, the world’s view of ’success’ with money and fame almost cost Brittni her life. She escaped near death experiences various times. She tried to numb the pain of her past and her adult entertainment work life, with a life of hard-core drugs, alcohol, prostitution and several suicide attempts.

She recalls the last attempt to end her life when she was sitting alone on her bathroom floor. She suddenly heard a voice tell her firmly, yet lovingly “Put the scissors down, put the scissors down. Turn on the lights.” Brittni knows it was the voice of God because when He spoke to her she was suddenly filled with a peace and strength she never had before. This culminated into a moment on a plane ride to Las Vegas, where she ended up filming her last scene ever.

On the plane, she decided to open up a bible and her eyes caught a specific scripture Revelation 2:20-23. It struck her with a deep conviction and immediately something inside of her decided this is it. She walked on set and declared to everyone she was retiring. They laughed. No one ever successfully quits and walks away that easily. “You’ll be back” they mocked her.

She never did return.

It was an incredibly dark, hopeless story, which made it so hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that her life had changed THAT much in a mere few months?! Even to this day, I’m in awe of Brittni’s story every time I hear her speak and recount it to others. I’ve met people who had far less dramatic situations and looked less put-together than her, on the day we met - just months after leaving her old life behind from one day to the next.

There’s no logical way to explain her rapid turnaround transformation, which is why she is so passionate about preaching the Gospel and telling people about Jesus and His love. She encountered it for herself and she wants others to know, if He did it for her, then He can do it for them, too!

Brittni knows firsthand the truth behind the scripture: “For what profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul” (Mark 8:36)

Neither of us realized what God was doing in that moment we met. We were connected on purpose for a purpose.

I feel so honored to have been alongside of her to see it all unfold into this point in time. Neither of us realized what God was doing in that moment we met. We were connected on purpose for a purpose. I am so proud of her because I have seen her go through times where her character and faith were tested. It’s been awe-inspiring to see her seek God with all her heart and do the ‘right’ thing to the best she can in every situation she’s ever faced.

One day I had asked God “Why did you have us meet?”… and at that moment I recalled my prayer years before. He reminded me she is a tangible, living example of His love for His people. A true miracle like those in the Bible. I know Jesus is real, but if I ever struggled to believe, then trust me, hearing her story will make you stop and pause for one moment to ponder. It’s impossible not to. 

Today, we have done years of life together and now God is continuing to open up doors for us to minister together as well. We have seen each other go through many different seasons of life, and always praying for and encouraging one another through it all. Brittni recounts stories to others of my role in her life, but what she never knew is that God chose her to play a role in mine. Just years later, He would perfectly align us to cross paths in a church class on one seemingly ordinary day. (Isaiah 55 8-9.)

I encourage you to read and hear more about her story by clicking here. If you, or someone you know, is struggling with an addiction, in need of encouragement or hope, or flirting with the idea of wanting to be in the adult industry, I hope you will read and share Brittni’s story. 

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