What are you holding onto?


It's not often that we know the 'why?' behind every event, situation or problem. Even as a little girl I would wonder "Why this, God?" or "Why not?"... I just simply wanted to understand. As humans we tend to want to know the "why" so we can find a sense of security in whatever we're going through. 

Perhaps you had a bad childhood; or made choices growing up you're not proud of; experienced relationships you wish never happened; and made decisions you still wonder to this day "Why did I do that?" or "What was I thinking?" It's impossible to go back and change what already happened.

It's the past...

Forgive yourself and others, heal from it, take the lesson & move on.

The best gift you can give yourself is being in the present. Learning from your mistakes is all you can do to prepare yourself for a better tomorrow. Love yourself and forgive yourself, forgive others, and give life another chance today. Every success comes ONE day, ONE step, ONE choice at a time.


Today's scripture: Proverbs 3:13, Romans 8:28