Matters of the mind


Have you paid attention to your thought life recently? What do you think about? Why do you think about those things? Are they helpful or hurtful to you or the way you view others?

If suddenly all your thoughts became audible for others to listen in on, what would they reveal about you?

It’s wise to be consciously aware of your thought life. Think of them as seeds for your future. Which of them will lead you into the life you dream of for yourself, and which of them will end up misleading or hurting you? (Be honest with yourself as you take inventory. You will only end up hurting yourself, if you’re pretending otherwise.)

Don’t be critical about yourself; be curious and observant.

Our words come from the thoughts we ponder on. For example, have you ever been around someone who speaks negatively or someone who misconstrues conversations into things that are simply untrue? It comes from their thought processes. And thoughts are connected to the issues of the heart. Its all connected mind -> body -> soul.

When our words are spoken out loud and repeated to others or to ourselves they end up turning into our beliefs. The good news is you can change them one step at a time. The first step is always recognizing what needs to be changed.

Make your list today. What do you notice about yourself that you know you need to change? Don’t be critical about yourself; be curious and observant. Matters of the heart are important when you realize they connect to the bigger picture and future outcome of your life.