Cultivating Sisterhood


It’s not uncommon for me to hear that women ‘stay away’ from other women because of bad experiences they’ve had in the past. It’s a protective method. It makes sense.

If you have a bad experience with something, then it’s natural to self-protect by trying to avoid it. Therefore, it’s logical to gravitate toward men, as an example, for your relational needs. 

After all, who wants to be around women that are coined to be ‘drama’, ‘hurtful’ and ‘complicated’. As women we struggle to understand each other, so now we can better relate to men who say the same about women.

Male friendships can be seemingly easier, but that’s because men and women don’t connect on the same level… ever. It’s naturally dynamically different. We are of different DNA. We are created different on purpose for a purpose. We can compliment one another, but one gender can’t replace the other.

If you don’t have women friendships, then honestly, you’re missing out. As women there is something magically beautiful about our connection with one another.

Are you struggling to find those friendships you desire, then here are 4 tips:

+Take inventory on the past relationships that went sour. What did they do to hurt you? And if you could go back in time to do it over, what would YOU do differently and wiser? 

+Who are the kind of women you desire in your life and what role would they play? Are you looking for someone to just hang out with? Are you looking for a solid friendship to go out with AND have deep conversations with? Are you just needing to meet someone else in the same stage of life as you to relate to? You get the idea…

+Give relationships time to reveal itself. Sometimes we immediately click with someone and it can be a lifetime relationship. Other times it can be just for a period of time in life. Don’t define it just let it be and in time you will see! Organic and natural is always better...

+Be intentional and wise about choosing your friendships just as you should about the men you date. Good relationships don’t just happen. People can evolve but you can’t change them so see and accept them for who they are. Expectations aren’t fair and a setup for failure.

You can do this beautiful woman. You were created for a community and it really is possible!