If you want to talk, 

I’m ready to listen.



I’ve been the listening ear for my family, friends - even complete strangers!

I truly believe in the value of every person’s story and journey. But more than that - I believe in the power that comes from sharing that journey; from sharing our experiences with one another, offering support and creating community.

Today I am a wife, mother, a daughter and a friend. I am a woman with a relentless and unwavering faith, hope and determined spirit.

But I wasn’t always that way.


Like many, I struggled early on. Growing up I battled with severe anxiety, depression, insecurity and self-hatred until my early 20’s.

Defying the odds stacked against me was nothing short of miraculous, and I know I am extremely blessed to overcome those experiences, ultimately building a life and a family of which I am proud.

I understand my true value and identity, and I am a firm believer that there can be purpose in pain.

Now my past and life experiences are what I use to encourage and empower others from all ages and walks of life. To see and hear the impact it continues to make on others truly makes everything I ever experienced worthwhile.

As I’ve grown, I’ve seen a common thread: people everywhere- many of us- are desiring love, validation, encouragement and inspiration.

It is my hope that you don’t feel like you must go through this life journey alone. That’s what led me here - to the creation of this online hub. My heart’s desire is to fill this place with real and honest talk, wisdom, encouragement, advice, accountability and inspiration. 

I don’t know everything and I will never claim to. But together, we know a great deal more than apart. There is power in the stories you share and in those to which you listen. You can change your life through the words that you hear, read, speak, think and, ultimately, believe.


My hope, in all of this, is for you to live out your best life story


oh! You wanted to know about my accolades, the 'professional' bio written in 3rd person?  Here you go...

Cynthia Maselli is a wife, mother, friend and passionate communicator on a mission to encourage and empower others to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. After a decade of seeking purpose in a successful career, she eventually burned out. Then one day she was awakened to the reality of the one consistent role she has held since her teen years: mentor and motivational speaker.

Through her personal experience sharing guidance and encouragement to countless people over her lifetime, she has seen firsthand the power of love, validation, encouragement, accountability and inspiration propel people into their future. Her authenticity, contagious passion, humor, and "straight talk" style has made Cynthia a trusted voice as she speaks with boldness in truth and in love aiming for the heart of the issue so people can be set free.

Cynthia created and launched a live workshop “Truth Behind the Mirror™” for teen girls based on self-esteem, media influences and recognizing (true) beauty at a Los Angeles foster girls center. She then became a certified care counselor volunteering for the community through her local church, where she worked one-on-one with young adults/parents struggling in life situations and transitions. She shares her message “Spread Hope Do Good™” which focuses on living intentionally and giving back to others and the community.

Cynthia holds a MA in Management and a BA in Communication with a minor in Psychology. She runs a boutique branding + business strategy company, is a homeschooling mama, and also regularly writes and connects with others on www.cynthiamaselli.com.